Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Rise of the Dragonforged

        The war between Yeona and Corvan has raged for centuries: So long, the bards would say, that none living can recall its catalyst. This is not so, but those old enough to remember are either intelligent enough not to dredge up old ghosts; objective enough to know that the truth no longer matters; or capricious enough to enjoy the irony.
        It has been a war of inches, trading blood over the same soil as their forebears, taking only as much as is given. Every resource has been devoted to the war effort such that both countries have become terribly efficient at killing each other while the rest of their respective homes slowly bleed to death from lack of food, depleting populace, and the utter absence of hope.
No quarter is asked and none is given as both nations content themselves with a slow, bleeding death so long as the other dies first.
        And then everything changed.
        Suddenly Yeona started gaining ground. An infusion of soldiers, a strange mix of dragon and golem dominated the battlefield, forcing Corvan back from long contested front lines. The new Yeonan general, a half-gold dragon elf woman named Rayvan, rose to power after the famed Corvanian assassin, Decado, killed her predecessor at the Yeonan court. Rayvan was educated at Farview University in the tree city of Garna and did extensive studies of the giant ruins of Powendale. Through some unknown resources, she brought the draconic warforged into play.

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