Sunday, November 25, 2012

From the Journal of Templeton Granger (Session IV)

I fear due to time constraints I must be painfully brief. My lot has not improved since last I left this journal…. We traveled “that way” in the general direction of where the “flying rock from the heavens” had fallen with the warning of Stormbeard ringing in our ears: “Watch out fer zombies and any of the rock-worshippers that might have escaped.” A needless warning as I was acutely aware of the zombies at all times.
I “renovated” Prank’s wagon to be better suited to stave off a zombie attack and good ole Wonky pulled the thing. Prank managed to do something he called “triangulation” to figure more precisely where the rock had landed. En route, we ran afoul of a wretched coven of goblins (lit them on fire) and proved the zombie curse could be spread by consumption of tainted meat (by feeding him the zombified leg of one of his comrades).
Further, we ran across none other than Dundas Montgomery, Loomis and Kellis, the leader of the skyrock rebellion and his lieutenants. They were… less than pleased to see me. But after Prank greased the ground so that their horses fell, we were able to get Dundas to… believe that we were out to get him. So nothing really changed. But he turned his back on me at a vulnerable moment, so I cut his throat, then convinced Loomis to work for me, and Kellis that I would start a rebellion somewhere at some point soonish. I really felt good about that save that it trampled on the sensibilities of my good friend Fik… I’m not happy about that. I mean, I’m not sad that I killed an evil man, and nor is he, but he was a little perturbed that the man was a) unarmed, and b) had surrendered.
Still… We eventually found the skyrock. It had created a deep tunnel, and the zombies were bringing scraps of metal to the hole. We eventually snuck in to discover this crazy spider thing creating a portal to another world… where there were MORE crazy spider things. The others dealt with the fighting part while I dealt with the portal… using black powder cartridges and oil-soaked string as a makeshift clusterbomb.
In the end, it worked and with the passing of the spider and the destruction of the portal, the zombie invasion was put to a stop. Not a bad day’s work!
Now, we are on our way back to Wood’s Edge to collect our reward and be recognized as the brave heroes that we are!

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