Monday, January 14, 2013

From the Journal of the Former Soon-to-be-Current Lord Watcher Templeton Granger (Session VIII)

8 Rova, 4707 AR
I must have a long conversation with my successor. Mayhap it is time I take my rightful place as Lord Watcher as I did in my previous incarnation. But I am getting ahead of myself.
Through a joint effort of investigation, we discovered that the village mayor and mayoress were at the head of a malign temple of Urgathoa, a temple which everyone in town was a member. The mayoress was the priestess of the congregation. We took their record book of members and had Prank return it to Vigil, hoping to bring down the wrath of a full blown inquisition.
Whilst he was away, Tasilon, Saraphina, Fik and I tried to delay them moving against ourselves and poor Fiodor, whose heart was heavy with the burden of his accursed squeezebox. When I sensed the inquisition at hand, I tried to remove the priestess from the safety of her lair, only to discover that only Prank had come, with the inquisition hot on his heels, hoping to raze the village whether we were still within or not.
I rescued Fiodor from the clutches of his captor, the irascible Lieutenant Percy, and together we hit upon a plan to rescue the children of this misbegotten town before the inquisition fell upon it. We did so, thanks to the foul magicks of Fiodor’s curse. And then we watched the village burn as the Vigilant shot down any that attempted to flee. It was a massacre.
As I said, I will have to speak with my successor…


  1. Really?

    You completely forgot about the 300 armed, armored, mounted, stuffed Knights of Urgathoa we had to defeat just to get out of the luncheon chamber and the heroic rescue of several vintage bottles of wine from the Mayor's Cellar.

    Worst Paladin, EVAH

    1. "Well, the guards did not take too kindly to that, nor the Mayor for that matter, and who could blame him? His wife was just bodily thrown out a window at the height of an excellent meal! Well, as they say, 'the wine had been spilled (not literally, Prank was very careful), nothing to do now but get another bottle'. So I went to work on the Mayor and one of his guards. I am quite rusty with "up close and personal" these days. There is very little call for it any more. There was much fighting, yelling, a little screaming like that of a small child (I am certain it was Templeton). In the end all were vanquished, some surrendered, many died, and life goes on.