Sunday, September 9, 2012

From the Journal of Lord Templeton Granger (Session I)

I arrived at the Isle of Arway as planned, having followed the paper trail of the illegal operations to a logging camp not far north, but here my travels came to an unexpected halt. Some kind of disruption further north (further yet than where my interests lie) have caused the native militia to fear for the health and safety of their citizens. They keep claiming that there is nothing awry, and yet they keep their populace trapped within the city and are searching for a disease the same way a hound searches for his game.
I had come no closer to disrupting the camp payroll than when I had arrived until I learned that an old friend was leading a caravan and was in much the same situation that I was in. I made up my mind to speak to old Osimus and see if he might know some fine folk that might be able to assist in my endeavors.
Good old Osimus came through: He had hired on some mercenaries to assist in the caravan’s protection and their spokesman was just the sort of man I like to work with, a man of avarice and excess. We struck a bargain and began our plans.
Tasilon negotiated the use of a river barge, which we used to transport his caravan upriver to a convenient ambush point. We off-loaded the caravan and blocked the river to northbound traffic.
When the payroll barge arrived, we negotiated like civilized men. In exchange for the payroll and goods the captain of the barge was carrying, I offered him falsified papers ending the illegal logging, and a letter of marque from a certain Varisian lord, giving them free reign to plunder their weasely black guts out. Then, we traveled to the logging camp and sold the loggers their own supplies at a significant markup… failing to mention, of course, that their logging days were numbered. All in all, I accomplished my goal of ending the illegal logging operation, and turned a tidy profit all in the name of Varisia.
I agreed to join their merry band of mercenaries for a simple truth: Tasilon had as much a nose for finance as I have, and in spite of the dangers we would face, we would make a great deal of profit along the way.
All in the name of the family, of course…

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